enterprise mobility


Enterprise mobility is all about Enterprise user being able to access right information at right time on the move. Driving business productivity and future readiness in this scenario requires enterprises to exploit rapidly evolving technology and provide their workforce the necessary tools to enable business on the move. Mobility act as a catalyst in enabling decision makers to access information from anywhere and at anytime.

Companies witnessed ROI by mobilizing their workforce and ability to grow with the current trends of the market. Some of the key areas where Enterprise mobility has greater impact on the ROI and agility are Sale force automation, Mining, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Utilities, and Operations.

Business Benefits:

  • Eliminate time spent in the office re-typing data collected in the field: Allow field technicians to send information electronically to office database.
  • Compute and analyze data on the handheld in the field: Programmed analytics can help field users make quicker and more accurate decisions and job estimates.
  • Reduce the introduction of errors: Paper based systems are inherently slow and error prone due to human interaction. The more human hands that touch a paper form and add or edit.
  • Automate business processes: Mobile application can be configured to perform all kinds of automated business functions, queries, computations and analytics.
  • Give customer accurate time to complete estimates: Query latest shipping status or inventory levels via handheld computer while onsite with customer