MasterDataOnline - Master data management | MDM Solution


MasterDataOnline - A Master Data Management Solution

Product Overview

MasterDataOnline (MDO) is a SAP certified master data management tool that helps in governance and standardization of all types of master data across the business.

A Solution Tailored to Your Needs

  • The solution is designed with all the flexibility that you require to create consistent, error free master data.
  • All your standard SAP customizing can be replicated on the web, eliminating the need for an SAP GUI installation.
  • Based on your requirements, additional flexible options can be provided in addition to the standard customization options.
  • Screens are user friendly and you can define and build your own master data description criteria based on various combinations.
  • MDO includes packages for all types of master data including Materials, Functional Locations, Equipments, Customers and Vendors. You have the ability to customize and select components based on your requirements.
  • Additional validations are also incorporated such as duplicate checking or customize your own business specific validations.
  • Workflow can be enabled to allow approvals for certain categories or types of Master Data.
  • Implementation is quick and the solution can be configured in less than a week.
  • Extensive help documentation walks you through step by step requiring minimal help from consultants.

MasterDataOnline Key Features -
  • Master Data Templates: Pre defined templates allows for rapid set up of Master Data processes
  • Online Catalogue – Use MDO for your both internal and external catalogue. MDO is OCI Complaint
  • Workflow:  Process based management using Workflow to ensure accountability and governance
  • Roles: Ability to control users’ access and authority
  • Integration: Ability to integrate with SAP and 3rd party systems using Web services
  • Search: Flexible search options to locate information quickly and easily
  • Attachments: Ability to include documents, drawings or other files
  • User Exit: Flexibility to code additional business rules and validations in ABAP and Java Scripts
  • Audit Log: Tracks master data changes
  • Set Default: Facilitates data entry
  • Workflow Types: Ability to set parallel or serial approval processes
  • SLA Adherence Monitoring: Ability to monitor delay in workflow approval through SLA Process
  • Synchronization: One or two way transfer of data