Product Overview

Accelor8 is an ideal business application platform for small and midsize customers that enable you to develop, deploy and integrate custom applications with the web based User Interface.

Applications being developed using Accelor8 are:
  • WorkSafeOnline
  • MasterDataOnline
  • KPIOnline
  • Prospecta Mobile Platform

Key Features

  • Single Platform for easy development and deployment of custom applications
  • Based on Service Oriented Architecture
  • Strong Reporting Capability
  • Powerful Workflow Engine that allows you to configure flat, circular or hierarchy based workflow with Escalations
  • Works on strong Integration Principels
  • Helps to bring multiple third party applications to run on a common platform
  • Secured and Flexible


  • Workflow Engine: Workflow Engine enables the platform to apply workflow for approvals and escalations in the development of custom application and helps in decentralizing the roles along with email notification and escalation features.
  • Ajax Based Searches: It allows incorporating basic search and advanced search functionality in the development of custom application and helps end users for easy and robust search features.
  • System Landscape: It is being used to define the different systems being integrated with the custom application and how the data & meta data will flow between the systems.
  • Dynamic Web based UI: It allows users to develop and deploy the custom application with an ease of use and also helps administrator to facilitate the dynamic changes and meet the ever changing need of the system.
  • Integration Layer: It has an open integration layer which allows custom applications to integrate with any third party applications using Web services.
  • Roles and Permissions: Enables role based access for different level of personnel to only access the authorized content or modules and maintain the required security level and privacy for the organizations.