master data cleansing


Prospecta Software specializes in providing data cleansing. It employs a panel of domain experts who work with operational teams in order to arrive at right noun-modifier combination, its attributes and the correctness of attribute values. Prospecta Software can provide attribute extraction to any industry standards or it can develop its own set of attributes using internal domain knowledge.

Prospecta Software offers complete range of data cleansing services, which include:

  • Noun Modifier Identification - Noun modifiers help in unambiguously identifying a product and helps in easy grouping the products. Prospecta Software can assign Noun Modifiers to products with the help of existing descriptions.
  • Data Normalization - We format the data entities such as Manufacturer/supplier names, attributes values, abbreviations, Unit of measurements etc to a uniform and consistent values based on a specific Style guide.
  • De-Duplication - Duplicates are identified and removed by adopting various permutations of pattern matching rules, database queries and manual inspection.
  • Attribute Value extraction - We provide attribute value extraction to any industry standard attribute schema and also develop new set of attribute by using in-house domain expert's knowledge.

MasterData Classification based on UNSPSC Codes

Data quality is at the heart of every campaign. Leading with quality is absolutely essential, not just because bad data dramatically reduces effectiveness, but poor quality data places tremendous financial pressure on organizations. Highlights of Prospecta MDO include the ability to handle data in formats, removal of duplicates, spell-check, expansion and consolidation of abbreviations, field/column concatenation, format standardization, attribute extraction, standardization of unit of measure and spend analysis based on UNSPSC.