sap adobe forms implementation


Prospecta Adobe Factory is a part of ongoing initiative to provide solutions in a packaged format. The ADOBE Interactive Form Factory for SAP allows you to pay for what you exactly need. We have pre packaged forms and also forms that can be developed exactly based on the customer needs. Prospecta has always been a strong SAP partner in the Netweaver space with strong implementations and solutions experience. ADOBE Form Factory has been a natural progression to our strong SAP Netweaver Practice.

What is SAP Adobe Forms

This is a partnership between ADOBE and SAP to automate and streamline form based communication for customers who create reusable forms for their business processes. Document components, such as fields for entering customer information, form-field calculations, and inclusion of branded communications, can be added to forms without programming, speeding time-to-value for organizations deploying interactive document services.

Validation features within form fields help ensure that end-users enter the right type of information in the right field, further speeding transactions and helping guarantee high-quality data from end-users.


Packaged Forms

The Pre packaged forms are developed based on the industry knowledge and our experience in various SAP implementations. Following are the available Pre Packaged Forms:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Enquiry Forms