our vision

Prospecta is an SAP Services Partner with SAP certified solutions. Prospecta's SAP focus is to provide skilled SAP Technical Resources and capability to clients and SAP Service Partners across Australia and North America.

Prospecta maintains SAP technical depth by recruiting and maintaining full time employees experienced across:

SAP Data Cleansing
Adobe Forms
SAP NetWeaver Mobile

Our skilled consultants help to extend your SAP technical depth and offer delivery capability quickly and through a single point of contact.

Hear what our customers have to say

"WorkSafeOnline is a solution with a holistic approach to manage all HSE practices through an innovative and tailored approach with the sole aim of reducing costs & improving processes efficiency."
-DECC(Department of Environment & Climate Changes)

"On behalf of CLZS Management, i sincerely express lots of apprication for this wonderful product and e-experience".
Shivarama M.S. - Head-Health, Saftey & Environment
-Hindustan Zinc Limited

"WSO was selected due to its web based features, ease of use, pricing and integration capabilities with our SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system ".
-Macquarie Generation

about us

Prospecta is an SAP Services Partner and SAP Independent Software Vendor. Headquartered in Australia since 2002 with in offices in Canada and India.

Prospecta's core focus is providing custom SAP enterprise mobility solutions, technical outsourcing services and product solutions in master data management and safety. Prospecta's clients include government and medium to large enterprises.

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what we do?

Prospecta's focus is to provide our customers with value for money and to establish a trusted and long term commitment with our clients.

We take customer satisfaction seriously and believe we offer a proactive and committed team focused on ensuring your success.











masterdataonline (MDO)

Clean & Consistent SAP master data

MasterDataOnline is a product used by SAP customers worldwide to help organizations maintain clean and consistent master data in SAP by easily allowing business users to create information with standardized business rules, workflows and approval processes.

The MasterDataOnline (MDO) solution consists of three products

1. Master Data Packages

MasterDataOnline is a product used by SAP customers worldwide to help organizations maintain clean and consistent master data in SAP by easily allowing business users to create information with standardized business rules, workflows and approval processes.

2. MasterDataOnline Data Cleansing Client

This tool is typically used by a data quality users to harmonize data originating from different source systems, such as legacy applications, spreadsheets, or SAP in order to remove duplicate data records, cleanse, consolidate and standardize these records before being loaded into MasterDataOnline, SAP or other target systems.

3. MasterDataOnline Integration Layer

Governs communication between MasterDataOnline and other systems like SAP. The integration layer comes with SAP Adapters which communicate to SAP using SAP IDOC technology or with other systems via web services or batch XML. These options can be used to distribute master data from MasterDataOnline to many different applications simultaneously.

A consistent and decentralized approach for SAP business users to create quality master data

Typical Challenges

De-central Data Management
Spare Parts/Inventory
Lack of Procedures & Processes

Realizable Benefits

Inventory efficiency
Business user efficiency
IT cost savings

Target SAP Master Data Modules

Material Master
Bill of Material
Customer Master
Vendor Master


Acceler8 an ideal business application platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

Acceler8 is a web based platform aimed to help small and medium enterprises build and deploy web based business applications quickly and efficiently.

Matured organizations typically run and manage a number of different applications each using different platforms, have different user interfaces and require different teams responsible to support their ongoing use.
A number of large development platforms are available on the market today are complex to use and expensive to purchase and maintain.
Acceler8 is strategically positioned to suit budgets of SME’s, while providing the scalability to add multiple applications in a common platform and ability to integrate to 3rd party systems.

Value, scalability and just the right features needed for custom business applications.

Typical Challenges

Business application platforms are too
Too many functions and features not
Complex to use and support

Realizable Benefits

Attractive price for small and medium
      sized enterprises
Ability to integrate with 3rd party
      systems like SAP
Robust and reliable
Server CPU license based, no
      restriction on number of users

worksafeonline (WSO)

Making safer, Better workplaces

WorkSafeOnline (WSO) helps to provide a safer, better workplace for your organisation, as an integrated, web based end to end solution for Occupational Health & Safety (OHS), Injury Prevention and Environment.

WorkSafeOnline is a complete web based OHSE solution built upon health and safety quality standards including OSHA, ISO and AS/ANZ.

Maintaining a safe workplace involves adopting proactive activity based measures commencing with identifying hazards and setting preventative and corrective actions to manage safety rather than a reactionary approach as incidents or injuries occur.

By combining health and safety policies, and the use of a structured OHS management system like WorkSafeOnline you can minimize risk and reduce work place injury and illness. WorkSafeOnline is likely to change your corporate culture to be focused on making a safer, better, workplace and improve safety compliance.

Typical Challenges

Lack of visibility of safety and health
      across the business
The need to capture and record
      safety/environment risks easily and
The ability to automate escalations,
      workflows and notifications
To help drive a safety focused culture
To standardize OHSE business
      processes and standards

Realizable Benefits

Improve safety culture
Ability to report and view information
      from a central consolidated system
Web based access for self service
Audit trail and improved accountability